Scaling on the bathtub drain .. yuck!

Scaling on the bathtub drain .. yuck!

Happy that I discovered Jill’s suggestion in her blog entry posted on Pinterest WORKED. Putting a vinegar-soaked cloth on top of the drain and leaving it there for a few hours took care of a problem that’s bugged me for a realllyyyy lonnnnggg time. (My drain looked much worse than this before photo.)


Oh woe is me .. was I really meant to have a career cleaning?

Before our first guests arrived, deep-cleaned every room from floor to ceiling. Even though I started two weeks ahead of time, prepping the rooms and last-minute tidying meant 10 and 12 hour days. I know the true meaning of ‘charwoman’.

Two things I discovered along the way saving time and $$$, and aren’t toxic to me or our guests: the first, .. ta .. da… a concoction made with vinegar and Dawn dish soap. This stuff is fantastic!


Trying to clean window tracks and other teeny-tiny crevices, after giving up on every known cleaning device to man, it was a last-ditch effort to put a paper towel over the tip of a thin bamboo skewer. Score! Problem solved.

Another trick I’ve used for years to clean out drains that are starting to clog — a tiny crochet hook. Just slip that baby down the drain and pull out whatever it latches on to, snatch it up with a paper towel, and pitch it. There’s no way I’m ever going to personally touch any of that stuff!