★·.·´¯Our journey began in December 2013¯`·.·★

and without you, our guests, we would be not be saying: 

1st anniversary 2

I enjoy having a separate bedroom and space to move around when I’m traveling on business or vacation. Hotel suite accommodations are limited by location and very often at a price I’m not interested in paying. I prefer having more solitude and privacy a hotel can’t offer with access to a well-stocked kitchen and an opportunity to feel like I actually ‘lived’ somewhere that wasn’t home.

Staying at a Bed and Breakfast was my first venture in vacation home renting. Meeting the host, anticipating what was served for breakfast, and enjoying the interesting decor and personality each establishment offered was always a unique, enjoyable experience.

Decades ago I thought my dream job would be running a B&B. When I was traveling alone or it was just the two of us, the B&B worked out well except the feeling I was still having a ‘hotel’ experience could not be avoided. Muffled conversations were overhead from guests in nearby rooms or the common areas of the house, breakfasts ranged from full meals to a small basket of muffins, and I tended to want to sleep in past the time established for dining. I was still missing not having a kitchen to raid for a midnight snack.

We’ve always traveled frequently during the year, and when our son was born, we needed more space and privacy than a B&B could offer. Our family still uses a vacation rental home whenever the opportunity fits into our travel plans.

Becoming vacation rental hosts ourselves came about when our son registered for college. Hoping to curb college debt and having a house with more space than my husband and I really needed right now, we opened our home for others to enjoy as much as we have.

Being a vacation rental host has been a perfect fit for me and I hope as a past or future guest that you feel you’ve received an excellent value.

If you have been a guest, we hoped you enjoyed your stay and will consider returning again. To help us reach a successful 2nd anniversary, we would appreciate recommendations for our property to your co-workers, friends and family.

Thank you for helping make our first year of vacation renting such a success.

Best wishes for good health and success in 2015.