♪♫When it’s summer, there’s music♫♪

We visited Marine-on-St. Croix at the beginning of the summer and here I am posting a review at the beginning of Fall. Our summer calendar was almost completely reserved and every day was busy, busy.

Halfway through the summer and it’s been grand! Not many days have been too hot or horridly humid, rainy or stormy enough to send us scurrying for safety.  The weather is a major reason I enjoy summers in the River Valley, along with so much natural beauty and wildlife.

With some major exterior improvements behind us, we’ve had some time to enjoy local entertainment.

Our first trip for an enjoyable evening was in Marine-on-St. Croix, Minnesota. It’s a gorgeous drive up Hwy 35 to the river crossing, especially through Osceola and the Scenic Natural Waterway. Our destination was the patio behind the Brookside Bar and Grill .

The lush vegetation surrounding the meandering  creek that flows close to the patio creates a peaceful ambiance. The historic old mill next door is a reminder of the past.  brookside

The afternoon we visited, Switched at Birth played a blend of bluegrass, country, folk and blues acoustic music.

When the band isn’t playing, listening to the water rush toward the river is very relaxing.  The day we visited, the audience was very diversified, ranging from families with children, couples, and solo locals. If you have a blanket or folding chair handy, there’s a grassy area on the edge of the patio to take in the music if you’re taking a break during your road trip. Kids were having fun walking the pathways along the creek and climbing over the barnyard resident, a permanent pig.

We were fortunate to be seated at the large table under the patio canopy. After eating, we were feeling a little guilty having so much space all to ourselves. About the same time I considered moving, a family came in looking disappointed to see us. When I asked if they’d like us to move, couldn’t miss their sigh of relief. It was their annual visit to the Brookside with grandparents and we were seated at the table where they always dine for their annual outing. As we walked by to leave the patio, couldn’t resist smiling seeing how happy they were to be at ‘their’ special table.