A ceramic cook top cleaner discovery!

Who knew! A ceramic cook top cleaner discovery!

At least once a week there’s a flat, very burnt water ring on my cook top. I’m still searching for the secret to keep boiling pasta water in the pot!

Scrubbing with dish soap or a ceramic cook top cleaner isn’t that effective. Getting the safety razor knife out of the utility cupboard is such a desperate move. Will I wind up scratching the cook top to remove burnt water rings? Why set myself up to fail?

A dish rag and soap didn’t remove the latest pasta upchuck. Weiman’s daily ceramic cook top cleaner wasn’t successful. There’s no way I’m sliding over my new cook top!

After dampening a corner of a non-abrasive magic eraser, I held my breath while rubbing it over the burnt water ring. (Don’t do this in your home unless the cook top is cold!).

Whaala! I had a clean, scratch free cook top again!