So relieved to be extremely embarrassed … all by myself

Some guests might not expect to do a short list of tidying tasks before checkout: emptying the garbage and taking it outside, vacuuming (only if necessary), wiping off the kitchen counters and dining room table, putting used towels in the basket in the bathroom, and removing the linens and placing in a basket in each closet. Guests who do these things for me are a huge help.

Typically I spend 4-8 hours deep cleaning the house and doing laundry before a guest arrives which doesn’t include any time I’ve spent on yard or house maintenance.

Lately I’ve had an intuitive earworm humming a mantra in my brain for a couple of weeks: “♪ ♫ Check the guest vacuum cleaner to see if it needs maintenance.”♪ ♫

Well, I finally followed through. Took the vacuum out of the utility closet and had to manually shut my mouth after my jaw dropped to the floor. The removable canister was completely, utterly full to the brim with debris! 😯

I was, still am, mortified! I work hard at prepping the house so my guests don’t get the impression I cut corners cleaning at their expense and finding the vacuum in this condition was not a fine example!

My mistake? I naively assumed guests would empty the canister after each use. Well, and why exactly should they? Time to change my paradigm.

After attempting to remove the canister, I realized it’s not the easiest contraption to figure out and it’s a messy job! From my experience, when I’m checking out of a vacation rental, it’s a hurried activity for whatever reason: anxious to move on to the next adventure, get home in time to pick up the dog at the kennel, the kids from the babysitter, or just because.

To my guests who were equally mortified, I apologize! Future guests will not have the same experience!


Smudges on stainless steel disappear with olive oil!

Amazing results! Olive oil does remove fingerprints (indefinitely) from Stainless Steel

My stainless steel crockpot was littered with fingerprints. Dawn dish soap or a Lysol wipe was no help. I can’t leave it looking like this for my guests. “What am I going to do?,” I wondered. “Surprising home uses for olive oil” solved my dilemma when I gently rubbed a paper towel dampened in olive oil over the smudges. I’m doing a HaPpPy DaNcE.

Scaling on the bathtub drain .. yuck!

Scaling on the bathtub drain .. yuck!

Happy that I discovered Jill’s suggestion in her blog entry posted on Pinterest WORKED. Putting a vinegar-soaked cloth on top of the drain and leaving it there for a few hours took care of a problem that’s bugged me for a realllyyyy lonnnnggg time. (My drain looked much worse than this before photo.)