After retiring from the last job that earned a paycheck and having plenty of energy, I needed a new challenge and becoming a vacation rental host was a perfect fit for me.

While traveling throughout the U.S., the most comfortable places I’ve stayed have been vacation rentals. Some homes are more memorable than others: if it creatively reflected the owner’s personality, by chance I became acquainted with someone in the neighborhood or simply because of the location.

What I especially enjoy about my ‘work’: no one supervises me (well, except my guests up to a point), there’s a lot of flexibility in the work schedule, and the variety of challenges and experiences from hosting makes my job quite interesting.

I’m hoping my blog appeals to many of you, whether you are an experienced vacation home renter or about to confirm your first reservation or a rental host, if you often have family and friends staying with you, or just because you enjoy what I’ve shared.

If you enjoy what I contribute here, whether it’s about my ‘work’, what I love about my guests, decorating or household tips, I’d enjoy having you follow me, write a reply and even better, post your suggestions.


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