No cleaning fee .. so far it hasn’t hurt me

When booking my own vacation rentals, I’m reluctant to reserve a property that charges a cleaning fee. If I’m expected to pay for cleaning, why not just include it in the rate?

A vacation rental in Edisto Beach last year was my first encounter with a negotiable cleaning fee. We did the ‘chores’ on the checkout list, locked the door, and drove away. The house was impeccable when we got there .. (except for one thing .. I’ll get to that in a minute) and that’s how we left it.

Couldn’t resist cleaning the dust off the ceiling fan and there was an odor near the kitchen sink that was driving me nuts. Finally figured it out! The rubber gasket on the sink strainer needed a thorough cleaning .. and I gave it one. This was the owner’s vacation home and they weren’t coming back soon, so I thought I’d help them out.

So far, not charging a cleaning fee has been a good decision for us. Our house has looked show quality to sell after guests have left. They have been absolutely amazing! Both of us (me and my husband) feel that charging a cleaning fee actually encourages guests to be well .. messy. Why feel obligated to leave the house tidy if someone else is getting paid to clean up anyway?


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